Cosmetic Dentistry

Man checking his cosmetic work in mirror

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and wished that your smile looked better, was less yellow, or was more even, then you may have considered cosmetic dentistry. If you’ve ever wanted to correct crooked teeth, correct cracks or chips, or otherwise make your smile look better, Romans & Soltani Dentistry may be able to help you. Our team has been helping patients like you achieve their most beautiful smiles through the use of cosmetic dentistry services such as those we’ll describe below.

Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Cosmetic dentistry services are available to help alter the appearance of your teeth with the purpose of making them more aesthetically pleasing. Through these processes they will change the shape of your teeth, brighten their shade, correct damage, and close gaps in your smile. The most popular procedures we perform include:

  • Aesthetic Fillings – While various materials can be used to perform these restorative treatments those patients concerned with appearance can benefit from tooth-colored fillings. Resins, porcelain, and ceramics are often used to closely mimic the appearance of natural teeth.

  • Whitening – These treatments help to reverse staining that can occur due to lifestyle choices including food, smoking, and consumption of staining drinks. This process uses a bleaching gel to help brighten the shade of a patient’s teeth. Not all teeth can become sparkling white through this treatment, and some forms of whitening will be more invasive than others.

  • Veneers – Veneers are a versatile cosmetic procedure that can be used to address minor cosmetic concerns with patient’s teeth. These can include chips, cracks, and gaps, as well as providing a method of whitening teeth that don’t respond to traditional procedures.

  • Braces – Patients who have misaligned teeth, gaps between teeth, or who have a misaligned bite can benefit from this orthodontic treatment. As time has gone by this treatment method has been improved and less noticeable, and are perfect for resolving concerns with teeth that are otherwise health but are out of alignment.

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  • Enamel Shaping – If you are dissatisfied with the general shape of your teeth this process can help reshape the outer layer to provide a more satisfactory appearance. This procedure is typically performed with teeth are uneven, crowded, or even simply appear longer than desired.

  • Crowns – In cases where the tooth requires more aggressive treatment or reshaping a crown may be used to restore its appearance. This process essentially involves the removal of a significant amount of the exterior portion of the problem tooth and replacing it with a replacement cover.

Patients who are not happy with the appearance of their smile can talk to their dentist about using these techniques to improve their overall appearance. Each of these treatment comes with multiple options that can be used to address different concerns. If you think it’s time to take control of your smile and discover what cosmetic dentistry can do for you, give us a call to schedule an appointment. Your road to cosmetic dentistry will begin with a regular dental exam, during which Dr. Romans or Dr. Soltani will assess your oral health and determine what treatments you may be able to benefit from. Start by calling us at 1-315-487-1545 and schedule your appointment today!