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They're absolutely amazing caring and very sweet. Awesome attitudes and very professional attitudes. Best place dentist place I've been to. I highly recommend them!
Tiff C.
Definitely a place I would recommend. I get super nervous for dental work, and they were awesome. Super patient with me. Now my son has been referred to them for his wisdom teeth, and we couldn't be happier. Once again the Doctor, and staff were super helpful, and accommodating. They made sure to make my son feel comfortable and prepared, as they had done for me.
Birttany R.
I highly recommend! The staff is very helpful and attentive to your needs. The team has an amazing bedside manner, unlike any I've seen. I will definitely be using them for all of my families needs in the future.
Beth H.
Everything went well with my wisdom tooth extraction. I was able to stop taking my pain medication 3 days after the surgery and resume my normal diet after a week.
Jennifer C.
Very professional group, Great dentists with a great time! Would not consider anyone else.
Lisa A.
Great place with great staff that put attention to all of your requirements You will be very satisfied when you walk out because they fix your problem So that it means that you will have the heart again in the right place because your teeth problems are gone, same as the scare of the pain and the same pain. Excellent place with excellent staff that pays attention to all your needs. You will be very satisfied when you leave because they solve your problem So it means that he will have his heart in the right place again because his dental problems are gone, as well as the fright and the same pain.
Catalina T.
I highly recommend Dr. Romans and Soltani The office has an amazing team that truly work together to get the job done. Very much appreciated. I thank this office so much for the time they spent helping me with my tooth and for the kind gestures each of them of showed.
Jacky S.
The staff at Romans and Soltani are extremely professional and courteous. From the moment I called to schedule my appointment they were willing to do what they could to help. Would recommend to anyone needing dental care to check them out!
Chris F.
Very open about what they are doing and how they are going about it. Consult was very open and clear about what would be done and operation went off without a hitch. Did such a great job of getting me in and out quickly and properly that I actually am writing a review. Great job.
Van H.
They are awesome I wish I could rate higher stars! The staff was very friendly and made me feel so comfortable! I had to get 4 teeth removed and the team made it a wonderful experience! I trusted him and he made my pain go away! I would definitely recommend the dentist and the staff that made my life so much better!!!!!!!
Jalissa S.
I had a very good experience. I was not looking forward to the visit but was very pleased with the staff and Dr. Soltani, they helped tremendously. I thank you all!
Tom P.
Can't thank the staff and doctor enough!
Danny R.
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