Hand holding up Invisalign Aligner


One of the most cited reasons among adults and children alike regarding orthodontic treatment for misaligned teeth is …

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Woman admiring her new dental bondings

Dental Bonding

Every year children and adults experience dental injuries resulting in chipped teeth, or have their teeth come in …

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Smiling Couple With Great Teeth

Dental Implants

Dentures have been a standby solution for patients for generations, and have long stood as the best solution …

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Boxer with mouth guard

Sports Mouth Guard

Every year thousands of people experience dental injuries from sports activities with their schools or just as part …

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Woman smiling in dental chair

Teeth Whitening

Research has shown that the appearance of your smile can have a profound effect on important aspects of …

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Older man smiling

Root Canals

Contrary to the reputation Root Canals have in media they aren’t actually the cause of excruciating pain. In …

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Woman smiling with new dentures


Teeth are more than just the foundation of a beautiful smile. They help us share stories with friends, …

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Dental Bridge

Crowns and Bridges

When patients are looking to restore the appearance and function of their smiles after experiencing the loss of …

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Man smiling on boardwalk

Tooth Extractions

When a tooth has been damaged or undergone sufficient decay, it may become necessary to remove it. This …

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Man checking his cosmetic work in mirror

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and wished that your smile looked better, was less yellow, or …

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General Dentistry

Romans & Soltani Dentistry provides general dentistry services to the Camillus, NY community, taking steps to support ongoing …

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Small child in meeting with dentist

Pediatric Dentistry

A lifetime of great dental health starts early at Romans & Soltani Dentistry, where we serve the Camillus, …

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