Sports Mouth Guard

Boxer with mouth guard

Every year thousands of people experience dental injuries from sports activities with their schools or just as part of recreation with their friends. Sports Mouth Guards are a great way to help protect your teeth while participating in these activities. Blows to the head and face can result in dental injury, but these guards help cushion the blow and ensure that you can safely enjoy these activities without fear of dental injury. If you live an active lifestyle participating in mountain biking, soccer, skateboarding, hiking, or other outdoor activity, Romans & Soltani Dentistry can provide you with guidance on selecting the right Sports Mouth Guard.

What Types Of Sports Mouth Guards Are There?

The most important part of selecting a mouth guard is picking one that is comfortable to wear, resistant to tearing, and resilient against damage. They shouldn’t restrict your ability to speak or breathe, and should not cause any kind of pain or soreness to any of the structures in your mouth. The three most common mouth guard styles on the market are:

  • Custom Guards – If you’re looking for a guard that is perfectly fitted to you, then you can have a custom guard made by a professional dental laboratory or dental office. These will be guaranteed to fit you properly and provide the best possible protection due to being perfectly designed for you. During a visit to your dental office, an impression of your teeth will be made that will be used to create the guard.
  • Boil and Bite – These guards are made of a material that becomes pliant under heat, and can fit your teeth after being boiled. When the guard has cooled enough to fit in your mouth comfortably, you can bite down on it to create a form of your teeth. This model isn’t as good as a custom guard, but they are easily available at sporting goods stores and provide good protection.
  • Stock Guards – These guards are the most inexpensive, but also provide the least protection since they aren’t fitted to your teeth. These are the most likely to be uncomfortable to wear, be ill-fitting, and cause difficulty with speaking and breathing.

Child in sports uniform

How Often Do I Need To Replace My Mouth Guard?

It is common practice to replace your mouthguard after each sport season, even if you play multiple sports a year. Wear and tear on your guard will cause it to become less effective and put your teeth at greater risk of being damaged. It’s even more important that adolescents replace their mouthguards every season since their mouths are developing quickly and can undergo changes in as little as a few months. A common practice for athletes is to have the mouth guard updated at each of their six-month visits with their dentist.

If you’re engaging in an active lifestyle and want to be certain that your teeth are protected from damage, then it’s important to invest in a mouthguard. Make a call to Romans & Soltani Dentistry at 1-315-487-1545 for an appointment, and our support staff will get you in for a consultation. During your appointment, Dr. Romans or Dr. Soltani will discuss your lifestyle with you, perform an exam, and determine the best way to protect your teeth as you live your best life.