Teeth Whitening

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Research has shown that the appearance of your smile can have a profound effect on important aspects of your life. From improving social experiences to boosting how well you advance in your career, teeth whitening can help you in all your endeavors. Romans & Soltani Dentistry helps patients in the Camillus, NY area excel in all areas of their lives through our professional teeth whitening services. Whether you’re wanting to remove stains to help you feel better about smiling or are wanting the benefits that science has revealed comes with teeth whitening.

Am I A Candidate For Dental Whitening?

While most patients with stained teeth can benefit from receiving professional dental whitening, there are a few cases where this procedure may not be appropriate. If you experience gum or tooth hypersensitivity, you may not be able to tolerate this kind of professional treatment. You may be able to benefit from bleaching trays that you take home for long-term use. These trays contain a lower concentration of the active chemical that helps whiten your teeth.

Some stains are not responsive to these whitening procedures, especially in cases where the stains are located deep within the tooth or are particularly resistant. These cases are often responded to with an ongoing treatment process that you take home, or through other dental procedures like veneers, crowns, and bonding. 

Finally, those who have teeth that have become transparent due to age generally won’t be able to benefit from these treatments.

Person Undergoing Whitening Treatment

How Do I Prepare For Dental Whitening?

The first step of your dental whitening procedure is scheduling an appointment with Dr. Romans or Dr. Soltani for a standard cleaning. This cleaning ensures that your teeth are free from debris and plaque so that the cleaning can be as effective as possible. During this exam, you’ll be checked for gum disease, tooth decay, and cracks that may require additional treatment prior to the whitening procedure. The bleach used in the whitening process can irritate the teeth if these conditions are present. You may also have photos taken of your teeth so that you can track your progress throughout the whitening procedure.

What Happens During The Whitening Process?

Following your exam and cleaning, you’ll be scheduled for a whitening procedure. The process is generally painless and comfortable, with many patients watching movies or reading during the procedure. The steps of the process include:

  1. Opening The Mouth – This is accomplished through the use of a cheek retractor that opens up the area of your mouth known as the ‘aesthetic zone.’ This zone includes the teeth that are most visible when you smile.
  2. Protecting The Gums – Your teeth are protected from the bleaching gel by the application of hardening resin or liquid rubber dam.
  3. Bleaching Gel Applied – At this stage of the process, the bleaching gel is applied to your teeth for a period of 15 to 30 minutes. If further whitening is needed, the gel will be reapplied for periods of 15 to 30 more minutes. In some procedures, a special ultraviolet light is used to accelerate the action of the whitening gel.
  4. Removal Of The Extractor – The cheek retractors get removed after the final round of gel treatment. In most cases, your teeth will have improved in whiteness somewhere between two and eight shades out of a possible sixteen shades. The true color of your teeth will come out within 48 hours of the procedure, as the whiteness of your teeth is exaggerated at first due to the bleaching process.

If you want to know if you could benefit from dental whitening, it’s time for a consultation at our office in Camillus, NY. Just pick up the phone and contact us at 1-315-487-1545 to schedule an appointment, and then visit us at 5426 West Genesee St for your appointment. You’ll receive a consultation and discuss the options that are appropriate for your teeth whitening needs.