Hand holding up Invisalign Aligner


One of the most cited reasons among adults and children alike regarding orthodontic treatment for misaligned teeth is the stigma associated with the visibility of

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Woman admiring her new dental bondings

Dental Bonding

Every year children and adults experience dental injuries resulting in chipped teeth, or have their teeth come in with gaps between them they wish they

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elderly black couple smiling

Dental Implants

Dentures have been a standby solution for patients for generations, and have long stood as the best solution for missing teeth. Innovations in dental implant

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Boxer with mouth guard

Sports Mouth Guard

Every year thousands of people experience dental injuries from sports activities with their schools or just as part of recreation with their friends. Sports Mouth

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Woman smiling in dental chair

Teeth Whitening

Research has shown that the appearance of your smile can have a profound effect on important aspects of your life. From improving social experiences to

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Older man smiling

Root Canals

Contrary to the reputation Root Canals have in media they aren’t actually the cause of excruciating pain. In fact, they’re an effective way of solving

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Woman smiling with new dentures


Teeth are more than just the foundation of a beautiful smile. They help us share stories with friends, eat our favorite foods, and feel confident

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Dental Bridge

Crowns and Bridges

When patients are looking to restore the appearance and function of their smiles after experiencing the loss of a tooth, bridges and crowns are often

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Man smiling on boardwalk

Tooth Extractions

When a tooth has been damaged or undergone sufficient decay, it may become necessary to remove it. This process is known as tooth extraction and

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